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Art Box Artwork Specifications

Provide one piece of work either a unique piece in a series of 20 or one piece in an edition of 20

Multiples of the same image must be a limited edition and marked “x/20” or “x of 20”

Art work must be signed and dated (minimum of the year)

    Submitted artwork must be representative of artist’s work and of similar quality

Art work must fit completely inside provided box without bulging or sticking out in any way (for smooth drop in dispensing machine)

     Box dimensions (L/W/D): 2.9375 / 1.75 / 1.0625

Twenty boxes will be provided by Art Patron to each accepted artist

Accepted artists must deliver work to Art Patron the first week of January for inclusion in the Art Box, with a signed liability release


Art Box Proposals

    Proposals must include:

1. Three images of work created in the last year

2. Artist's bio and contact information (including mailing address)

3. Artist statement

4. Photo of artist- working in studio or portrait

5. Drawing/Image and description of work to be dispensed in the Box

    Provided information may be used in marketing the Art Box program


Art Box Marketing for the Artists

Accepted artist’s name will appear above the pull handle on the dispensing machine

Accepted artists will submit a graphic to be inserted into the corresponding spot above the pull handle below their name

Artist's photo, bio, artist statement, and images of current work will be featured:

1. In 3 four color binders for patrons to peruse while considering their purchase at staffed events

2. In the Art Box special section of the Art Patron website so anyone can learn more about each artist particpating in the Art Box program

     Art Patron Magazine will run a full-page ad for the Art Box in the  January/February and March/April issues including the names of the artists  admitted to the Art Box.

Artists included in an Art Box at an event are welcome to provide up to 180 pieces of a marketing material no larger than a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper stock and no smaller than a standard business card to be distributed at the event.


Art Box Fee Schedule

All work is sold for $25+tax per box

1. $10 to the artist

2. $10 to Art Patron to pay for vending machines, repairs, shipping, and maintenance of the program.

3. $5 to a local art charity, including: Art Commissions & Organizations, California Lawyers for the Arts, and Art Supplies for Public Schools

    Payment for items sold is mailed via USPS directly to the artist or charity at the      end of each month or at the end of the event.


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