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Susie and John Meindl

Traveling Collectors

Susie and John Meindl Talk about the Treasures in Their Indian Wells Home

“Acquire what most stirs your passion.”

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That’s the advice that Susie and John Meindl give beginning collectors, and it has guided their own efforts in assembling a collection that, Susie explains, “enriches the visual atmosphere in our homes  and John’s office and enhances the cultural experience of our travels.”

Asked what they love about their favorite pieces, they point first to a pair of West African native wood carvings. “They evoke a feeling of welcome and hospitality. They recall one of our first trips to Africa and remind us of the tribal rituals practiced by various African cultures, in this case, a wedding. We love the mixed media use of carved wood embellished by glass, metal and shells.”

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The couple are especially fond of works by Doug Randall. “The vibrant colors in his glass ’baskets’ recapture our up-close encounters with macaws and other colorful wildlife around Tree Top Lodge on the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon. We love how Doug translates Latin ethnic cultures into a contemporary setting. His work embodies an intricate procedure combining creative patterns.”

They also single out an oil of a Tahitian woman by Jean-Jacques Jouet that “captures the romance of the South Seas islands of French Polynesia. We love how he combines vibrations of movement with color in a primal setting.”