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Carole Hicks


remembering CAROLE HICKS

written by Charlie Ciali

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Long time Palm Springs resident and artist Carole Hicks passed away peacefully at her home in Palm Springs on January 30, surrounded by her family and her artwork.
Hicks worked in collage, mixed media, monotype and acrylic, and although she used everyday symbols and images, her whimsy and sense of humor often led her to include Pop Art references as well.
Influenced by artists such as Niki de Saint Phalle , Tom Wesselmann,  Francesco Clemente,  Pablo Picasso, Robert Rauschenberg  and Richard Lindner, Hicks sought to understand duality and the nature of opposites: male/female, light/dark, dream/reality, body/spirit. She superimposed the conscious world onto the unconscious landscape of dreams and symbols as a way of distilling life.
Hicks was active in our arts community through numerous civic and charitable organizations, including leadership roles with the Artists Council of the Palm Springs Art Museum. An avid artist, she created postmodern works in mixed media on canvas and paper. “To paint is to love again” was one of her favorite quotations, and her passion for art was certainly one of her greatest inspirations.


I met Hicks at the studio of the late Michele Jamison 12 years ago when I began making prints. It was a sharing and supportive environment, and there was never a dull moment. She was never afraid to set new goals  for herself and was always open to experiment. It was an honor to know  such a gifted and talented individual.
In the last five years Hicks worked along with fellow artists and good friends at Ciali Studio, an open studio location in Palm Springs for printmakers. The synergy that these sessions generated was exciting and invigorating, and the atmosphere was always highly charged with creativity and fellowship. Hicks’ wit and perseverance in creating art will be greatly missed by her friends and fellow artists.
“Carole embraced life to the fullest, always clever and engaged,” recalls painter and printmaker Robert Roach. “Her sense of humor and unique view of the world around her made every encounter a delight. She was smart and snappy, and her commitment to art was an inspiration to all of us who had the opportunity to work beside her.”



Other painters and printmaker echoed Roach’s sentiments. According to Toni Kemp, “Carole was a great credit to her community, the museum, and her family. She was a brilliant painter, printmaker and a wonderful, helpful and fun-loving friend.”
“I loved working in the studio with Carole,” says Deb star. “Her work was always an inspiration and she was generous in supporting other artists.”
Huguette Fisher adds that “her sense of humor and love of making art will always stay with me.”

Carole Hicks exhibited regularly in galleries and shows throughout Southern California, including the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Palm Springs International Art Fair, the Coachella Valley Historical Museum, the Desert Art Collection, the Riverside Art Museum and the City of Palm Springs . She is represented by the Colin Fisher Studios in Cathedral City, California, where her work has been on exhibit for the last several years. Her work may also be viewed online at: